We specialize in selected coffee

This means that you always know that you are drinking the best coffee. You know where and by whom it was grown, who harvested it and when. It may seem irrelevant to some, but believe me – we’ve been to big coffee “factories” – and it’s important. Coffee beans have a defined number of defects (in other words, one should be like the other), they are roasted according to established rules and on complex equipment. The total volume of selected coffee in the volume of coffee sold in total is about 4%. We prepare coffee in your cup from such a raw material and only such coffee can be used to prepare exceptional coffee.

We will prepare your coffee according to established procedures. In addition to classic espresso-based coffees, we can offer you modern preparation methods such as filtered coffee (its aroma stands out best during cooling), french press or aeropress. If you prefer one of the many combinations of coffee with milk, we offer in addition to the classic soy, almond and lactose-free, and also according to the daily menu. We also moved in the region where jazz coffee is drunk (from Macedonia to Yemen), so we can also offer you this coffee exotic (with or without cardamom). With your kind permission, we will filter the Czech “Turk” for you. Not only on hot days, you will certainly come across an interesting taste of frappé, espresso tonic or cold drip. Cold drip is a real specialty that is prepared overnight and is definitely worth tasting.

We offer a number of variations of babychina for juniors.

Goodies and goodies are associated with coffee. Our sweet goodies are as sweet as they must be. We offer raw quality, gluten-free and desserts – wonder of the world – completely sugar-free. In addition, we always offer classic desserts, such as cheesecake.

Every day you will find fresh extra butter croissants with us.

We offer a range of loose and bagged teas, we serve them in beautiful Hario cups.

Chocolate also understands coffee and tea. We offer single-species French chocolates, Belgian truffles and more.

We have 100% fruit juices from the region, selected tonics and cola (Imperial Garden and Fewer Tree). Pepsin.

We offer exclusive premium rums from around the world. Defenders forgive me, but we always keep a few pieces of the Krkonoše bear in the fridge.

If you have a taste for wine, just look at our wine shop, where there are about 20 types of white and red wines from the Czech Republic and France. As an interesting feature, we also offer wines from other regions of the world, where we have friends and we have spent much of our lives. We offer salty delicacies for the wine, such as Spanish ham jambon / Italian prosciutto or a selection of nuts, white crispbread and olive oil.